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We at WOOMAYA believe that women look beautiful when they feel beautiful from inside…not just with latest makeup & outfit. A woman needs a lot of care and attention. Our selected intimate and hygiene care range plays an important role in it, as it not just helps you stay clean and fresh, but also makes you love your body, feel your curves, smell fresh, get noticed and celebrate your womanhood!


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Being there for you to meet your necessity...

Just as we admire the genuine worth in every woman, we believe that every woman deserves the best - not only makeup and trendy outfits but also intimate and hygiene care products which our body needs. As a woman we only care about what is visible outside but our intimate areas also have some requirements which we always neglect. Considering this necessity, Woomaya has brought for you a wide range of intimate hygiene products.

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Being there to take care of your intimate hygiene…

While most women spend a lot of time, money and efforts in taking care of their hair, skin and nails, very few women actually pay enough attention to their intimate hygiene. Maintaining intimate hygiene not only protects you from poor health, but also makes you feel good and confident. Taking care of your intimate hygiene keeps you free of bacteria, viruses, and illnesses and making you feel more beautiful and attractive.


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Being there for you to make you feel good and be beautiful…

Woomaya believes that using our intimate and hygiene products makes you feel good about yourself. It not only protects you from poor health, and keeps you free of bacteria and illnesses but makes you love your body. It adds a different shine and confidence to your personality. Woomaya will give you the most beautiful feeling of being a woman and a boost to your relationship.

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Being there to raise a toast and celebrate womanhood

Woomaya raises a toast to womanhood, to appreciate the strengths and the sacrifices she makes during her journey of life. We honor every woman of the world for they are special, powerful and unique! We believe that every woman deserves the best, pure products for her needs. Hygiene care products on our website are 100% authentic that have been lab tested and FDA approved; made up of high quality components pacifying your needs without a doubt.


Woomaya Products are Totally Safe to Use

Every intimate hygiene care product from Woomaya is 100% genuine and is ideal for every growing as well as mature woman. All Woomaya products are clinically tested and FDA approved making them perfectly safe for your use.

No.1 Expert in Intimate Hygiene Care
No.1 Expert in Intimate Hygiene Care

We are Specialists in all problems feminine. Decoding the intimate hygiene care troubles of women & inventing solutions for them is our forte. The niche segment of feminine intimate hygiene products is our strong suit. 

Lab Tested Intimate Care Products
Lab Tested Intimate Care Products

We understand that female intimate areas are very sensitive and need extra TLC. Our intimate hygiene care product range is lab tested & safe to use. Our Customers’ safety & well being is our topmost priority. 

FDA Approved Intimate Care Products
FDA Approved Intimate Care Products

Woomaya believes that a few tasks are best left to the Experts.  We have FDA certification wherever applicable – for, quality and trust are two factors that are synonymous with Woomaya. 

99% Success Rate of Woomaya
99% Success Rate of Woomaya

Woomaya caters to thousands of women already and this is inspiring!  We understand the needs of every woman and meet them; we strive to recognize all feminine problems and solve them. Having gained trust and love of the most, we aim only to get better. 

Woomaya Reviews

Take a look at what women are saying about Woomaya.

Madhu Tiwari


Beover - Permanent Hair Retarder Cream

"After using one month i feel that its working, growth is somewhat less than before. Using regularly can get rid of these hairs. Very impressive, go for it, it's very safe."

Shweta Pillai


Bosom - Breast Firming and Tightening Cream

“Packaging was good. I can see some result. Will order again.”

Sanjana Mishra


Bosom - Breast Firming and Tightening Cream

"I love this product it really works. It doesn’t burn or itch. I have used this product for 3 weeks and I am seeing results I am very happy about it. Really recommend."

Seema a.


Ya its really a nice products

Arotee Dutta S.


It's beautiful

Daniella M.

I love the effect of Bosom Cream...I have got a better lift and my chest doesn't hang loose anymore.

Divya B.

Hi, I am Divya Batra, and I have just entered Modelling world. Every one knows how essential is a perfect body for a model. I am very conscious about my figure. That's why I mostly go for natural products. I am using Bosom for firming my breast. It's actully works. I am using twice in a day. I get nice results after using this. It gives a nice shape to my breast and i feel confident about my figure now. Thanks Bosom.

Namita K.

Very  good  he

Rachna D.

I love it...it is showing results...and it has just been 1 week since i am using it.

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