10 Hacks For Shaving ‘Down There’ That You Need To Know

How many of you envy boys who can roam around in vest and boxers with a body full of gorilla hair?
And how our dressing choices all boil down to – are we shaved? Shorts, Sleeveless, Skirts – all our choices depend upon whether we are hair-free or no.

And then, when it comes to shaving ‘down there’ it is a unique set of problems altogether? How to Shave? When to Shave? With What to Shave?

Shaving seems such a simple task to do but there can be consequences if not done correctly. You could suffer from razor bumps, cuts, acne, ingrown hair and rough skin.


1. Exfoliate Before You Shave Your Pubic Area

No one really tells you this! But it’s important. Exfoliate well before shaving your pubic area. In fact, start exfoliating 2-3 days prior to when you want to shave.
This unclogs the hair follicles and removes dead skin and other built up, making shaving easier for you.
You can exfoliate using sponge, washcloth, loofah and mild scrub.

2. Use Shaving Gel Or Conditioner While You Shave Your Pubic Area

You need to use a very good quality shaving medium – shaving gel or Woomaya Feminine Care Soap or hair conditioner. Yes, you read that right – use hair Conditioner on your pubic hair before shaving.
What hair conditioner does is softens your hair that makes shaving effortless and prevents irritation of your skin.

3. Use Feminine Razor for Shaving
If you think razors are all the same – and you use Men’s razor on your vagina – you are committing a sin! Never ever use men’s razor on your pubic area.
Always use a feminine razor; razor for women that is meant for sensitive area of women. Woomaya Hair Removal Razor for Women has a lubrication strip with aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Men’s Razor on the other hand has substances like Mint or menthol for freshness on facial skin which can prove to be an irritant for your vagina.

4. Short And Not Long Strokes To Shave

Another very common mistake done while shaving is that women shave in very long strokes and that is not very effective. If you miss out a tiny bit of hair, you will have to take your razor over the same skin again and that is not very wise.
the correct technique is to shave in short strokes. Glide, pick up the razor and again glide. Simple, isn’t it?

5. Use Correct Technique for Shaving Pubic Area Hair

Do you shave haphazardly – in any and all direction? Well, that is likely to cause ingrowth and razor bumps with uneven skin.
Always glide the razor in the direction of your hair growth. Always. Period.

6. Opposite Direction For Closer Shave
Not satisfied with the results yet? Looking for butter-soft smooth skin?
After completing the above step, that is, after you shave your hair in the direction of the hair growth and remove all your hair and still you find your skin has a few tiny hair remaining or that your skin is not as soft and clear as you want, you glide the razor in the opposite direction. Yes, now you can move the razor in the opposite direction and that will remove even the finest of hair on your skin.
Mind you, do this only after completing the above step.

7. Rinse With Cold Water After Shaving Your Pubic Area
After you go clean in the pubic area – after you are done shaving, rinse your pubic area with cold water. Firstly, because warm water may irritate your skin. Secondly, cold water will close the pores of your pubic area, minimizing the chances of infection.

8. Store your Hair Removal Razor in a Dry Place

After shaving your pubic area, do not store your razor in the bathroom. Excess moisture may result in bacterial growth on the razor and in some cases, the blade4s may catch rust too.
After shaving, wipe dry your pubic area and the razor with a soft cloth. Keep the razor in a dry place.

9. Moisturize after Shaving Pubic Area

The pubic area skin is very sensitive and after shaving, one needs to calm it down. Apply any soothing lotion or cream gently over the vagina and let the goodness soak in.
You may also apply aloe vera gel or coconut oil.

10. Go Panty-less or Wear Loose Cotton Shorts – your Vagina will Thank you.
Though shaving is one of the safest methods for pubic area hair removal, it is good to take some extra care post shaving session. Avoid wearing panty after you shave, let the poor pubic area get some air. It will do a world of good to your vagina.

So, these are the 10 shaving hacks that you follow and stay happy ‘down there’!

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