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Hygiene Care for Women has always been a subject of intrigue and debate. There are innumerable theories & beliefs pertaining to the subject; a lot in the field of hygiene care has been explored and yet women are not 100% satisfied with their hygiene care routine.

Hygiene care for Women is a complex subject and requires expertise. It requires an in-depth understanding and intensive research. And having done this, we call ourselves No.1 Intimate & Hygiene Care Brand in India.

Hygiene Care of Intimate Areas has always been challenging for women. Especially, with evolving times when women juggle both – home duties and profession – Woomaya steps in to make their life easier & hygiene care effortless & more effective.

Read on to know how Woomaya offers you the best Hygiene Care and how it helps you live a life with zero limitations!

Hygiene Care at Work:

Woomaya brings for you a range of products that will help you with hygiene care at work. Flustered & Over-worked, in and out of meetings and battling deadlines – hygiene care is the last thing to enter your mind. Result? Compromise. You compromise with your hygiene care at work and become a victim to dirty toilets & ill habits.

To avoid this Woomaya brings your Toilet Seat Spray & Woomaya Ultra-thin Panty Liners! Panty Liner helps you keep wetness at bay and stay dry & fresh all day long. Toilet Seat Sanitizer cannot deal with pesky colleagues but will definitely fight off all the germs on the toilet seat.

Hygiene Care while Shopping:

Who doesn’t love shopping? Well, the question is posed to women of course! Anyway, as much fun that shopping is, it is also a matter of concern when it comes to cleanliness & hygiene care. With thousands of people frequenting malls every day, especially on weekends, using public toilets can be a horrible scenario. Worry not! For Woomaya comes to your rescue with its range of intimate & hygiene care products that you’ll definitely love.

Hygiene Care Outdoors:  

For all you ladies who love to sweat it out under the open sky, Woomaya has taken notice of your troubles. Gone are the days when men were considered to be a luckier lot just because they could hide behind a tree and pee. That is no qualification for being the superior gender J 
For, we women can do the same now. Go trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, on nature trails without a worry. Your nature calls can be attended using Urimate Disposable Stand and Pee Urinating Device! And voila, you can do all that you want – stay out for as many hours you wish without worrying about your hygiene care. After all, why should boys have all the fun?

Hygiene Care at Hospitals:

As it is hospitals are a hotbed of germs, vending out infections and viruses for free, why then must you enter it without equipping yourself? We have Toilet Seat Covers and Toilet Seat Sanitizer to build barrier between your skin and toilet seat providing you hygiene care of the intimate area at its best. Better still, if you want no contact whatsoever with the dangerous toilet seat – just use our Urimate Disposable Stand and Pee Urinating Device and you are as good to go!

Hygiene Care during Travels:

Woomaya knows very well the perils of travelling. Though, a great thing for the mind, heart & soul, travelling could pose challenges for women’s hygiene care. If you are wondering how to maintain hygiene care during travel, then we have the best solutions for you.  

Woomaya has a wide range of intimate & hygiene care products that you can use to make your travel a truly satisfying experience. Just try our Urimate Disposable Toilet Seat Covers and Woomaya Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes & keep travel woes at bay!

Hygiene Care during Periods:

Hygiene Care during Menstrual Periods is a different ball game altogether. The pain, the odour, the blood…it cannot get messier than this. And be it at home or at work or while travelling, you need something special – a little extra TLC, and of course, products that are safe & trusted. Woomaya gets you Lab tested, FDA approved products that are loved by thousands of women for their hygiene care.

For instance Woomaya Intimate Hygiene Soap & Woomaya Reusable Menstrual Cup that can be your best buddies during periods!
No rashes, no stink, no discomfort – just hygienic soft silicone period cup & a mild soap to wash your intimate area. Hygienic Care at its best!

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